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What is the Bukhari Institute?

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The Bukhari Institute aims to provide essential and enriching programs, relevant to everyday life, rooted in the rich intellectual tradition of Islam.

To aim for excellence in a manner that brings sacred knowledge to the people it serves is something that I have personally experienced here at the Bukhari Institute.

Imam Afroz Ali (Managing Director, SeekersGuidance)


The Bukhari Institute hopes to become a bridge traveled by many seekers of knowledge. It aims to provide Muslim Americans with opportunities to connect with their vast tradition, while simultaneously giving the rest of the American community access to the wealth of artistic and intellectual output that Islamic culture has to offer.

It is from the blessings of Allah (swt), that a new chapter of the Bukhari Institute has been founded in Michigan. This is the most important type of project we need to be focusing on in the next few years. Shaykh Yahya Rhodus


Our Philosophy


The Bukhari Institute was founded in Boston in 2001 and a new chapter was established in Michigan in 2012. It is devoted to seeking the pleasure of God by teaching and transmitting Islamic arts and sciences via the Isnad/Ijaza method. This philosophy generally entails that authentic and authoritative Islamic teachings are to be found within the recognized schools of Sunni legal, theological, and ihsanic scholarship and practice.


Within these schools, there are issues over which scholarly consensus (ijma’) exists and other issues over which there is scholarly disagreement (ikhtilaf); the Bukhari Institute recognizes that there are a diversity of practices and views in Islam. Islam is a wide road, and we seek to work together towards a common goal that is the benefit of society, while living within the traditional Islamic framework.


Foundations Curriculum


“Whoever travels on a path seeking sacred knowledge, Allah will place him on a path leading to Paradise.”Prophet Muhammad


The Bukhari Institute has hosted programs with a wide spectrum of distinguished American Muslim scholars. It currently creates and facilitates Islamic educational programs on the themes below:
1. Iman: Fundamentals of Beliefdoor
2. Islam: Fundamentals of Worship
3. Ihsan: Spiritual Purification
4. Quran: Tafsir & Living the Quran
5. Sunnah: Hadith and Sira

The Bukhari Institute also offers the Bukhari Foundations Diploma covering the essentials of Iman, Islam, Ihsan, Quran and Sunnah.

Learning authentic Islamic knowledge is an obligation on every female and male Muslim.  Therefore the efforts of learning institutions such as Bukhari and others are crucially important for American Muslims. Imam Mohammad Magid (President, ISNA)


Islamic Art


islamic_artThe Bukhari Institute hosts periodic programs and exhibits related to the Islamic visual, literary and performing arts. It has previously worked with artists such as Haji Noor Deen and Muhammad Zakariya, in an effort to highlight the beautiful and creative aspects of our rich tradition.
The new Bukhari logo designed by Peter Gould exemplifies the Islamic artistic tradition.

“We wanted the logo to visually express the ‘jewel’ or ‘gem of scared knowledge’ that is hidden within, surrounded by the beauty which spreads from that knowledge with flowering geometric elements”
Peter Gould (www.peter-gould.com)


“God is beautiful & loves beauty.”

The Bukhari Institute is dedicated to making that expression of our Prophet a reality. Bringing the aesthetic beauty of the religion, in terms of its full array of teachings, in terms of its emphasis on character development and beautiful character, and in terms of its grounding and roots in sacred knowledge. The Bukhari Institute is an Institute I encourage all of you to support. In supporting them you support the very best of our religion.
Imam Zaid Shakir (Co-Founder, Zaytuna College)