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What is the Bukhari Foundations Diploma?

The Bukhari Foundations Diploma is an educational program designed to offer you a guided and authentic path to the bare essentials of Islamic knowledge (‘ilm). It is an excellent stepping stone for further study in the future, and a realizable and attainable goal for seekers of knowledge with busy lives.


“The Bukhari Foundations Diploma is a well-designed series of courses that will give you clarity and confidence about the essentials of Islam. Highly recommended!” –  Shaykh Faraz Rabbani, Executive Director, SeekersHub Global


It is founded on two important principles: the authentic transmission of sacred knowledge, and keeping the company of scholars and fellow students.


In order to receive the diploma, you must attend all 5 seminars, one in each category (Iman, Islam, Ihsan, Quran & Sunnah), and pass each of the associated online exams.  Approximately 3 seminars per year will be offered concurrently in Boston and Michigan allowing you to complete the program in 2 years.


Completing the diploma provides you with a solid foundation in the essentials, a clear idea of what your next steps should be, and the benefits of meeting and studying with teachers and students of sacred knowledge.


“Among His bondsmen, (it is) only those of knowledge who fear Allah.” (Qur’an)

I humbly encourage any introductory student of revealed knowledge who is interested in establishing a solid foundation for his/her subsequent pursuit of the Islamic Sciences to seriously consider enrolling in the Bukhari Foundations Diploma Program. Based on a trichotomous approach to the religion that has its roots in the Prophetic fount, the program is designed to be a clear, flexible, portable and yet through survey of the premises of our creed, practice and methodology of spiritual refinement.    – Shaykh Taha Abdul Basser, Harvard Islamic Soceity Chaplain.


Register For Diploma Program

Ustadh Harun Spevack Introduces the Bukhari Foundations Diploma:

Registration is easy and required to enroll in the program. Registered students will be able to participate in special study sessions with visiting teachers. They will also have access to the study guides, can participate in discussion forums and can complete the post-seminar online tests leading to the Diploma. There is a nominal fee for those who can afford it.

How the Bukhari Foundations Diploma work for students?


We are in discussions with several Universities regarding the possibility of college credit for those who earn the Diploma. Completion of the Foundations Diploma, which is based on a curriculum developed in consultation with scholars around the world, including those trained at al-Azhar University, will be a prestigious achievement and solid stepping stone for any college or ambitious high school student, although the program is open to all seekers of knowledge.